Surprising Benefits Of Gray Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring provides many benefits on its own. However, as Realty Times points out, gray flooring is a new trend. Well, you can combine the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring with this new gray trend.

Contractors can use a mixture of ebony stain and whitewash to make the gray color. The gray stain works best on maple and birch planks because their tight pores make the color stand out. Keep reading for the benefits a gray hardwood floor gives to your home.

Gray Provides a Neutral Backdrop

Gray is a natural, neutral color. In other words, the color doesn't clash with anything. You can use it as the backdrop for other neutral colors, pale pastels, and even bold colors. The gray of your flooring will in no way compete with any of those color palettes. What's more, its cool surface can make certain colors pop — think of red or yellow on a gray background.

Indeed, while gray is a cool neutral, don't hesitate to blend it with a warm palette, such as that red or yellow. However, cool blues or violet will look sophisticated with a gray background. A gray floor can also be a neutral element to a bold black-and-white décor scheme.

Gray Hardwood Looks Contemporary

While you might think of gray as a faded black, it is, in fact, its own color. What's more, the color carries a minimalist ambiance. So, a gray hardwood floor, with its subtle gradients in color, will pair beautifully with contemporary décor. For instance, you could match it with starkly modern décor or add some natural materials for a cozy effect. Either one offers a chic look for your rooms.

Gray Interacts with the Hardwood's Graining Uniquely

One of the many reasons homeowners opt for hardwood flooring is because of the natural beauty the material conveys. The hardwood planks feature unique graining patterns that are difficult to replicate with manufactured materials. Stains are meant to highlight the natural patterning.

Well, a gray hardwood surface doesn't look quite as natural as a warm stain. However, the gray interacts differently with the patterning depending on the opacity of the stain. It can deepen the dark parts of the grain while leaving the light parts bright. An opaquer stain, though, can provide a more consistent color surface.

A Gray-Brown Hybrid Can Add Warmth

In that vein, a translucent gray stain may let some of the natural warmth of the wood shine through. This effect is especially true if the hardwood is darkly colored in its own right. The result is an attractive gray-brown hybrid of a floor. The added benefit here is that you get both the sophisticated cool of gray with the cozy warmth of the natural hardwood color.

Consider having a gray stain applied to your new hardwood floor.

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