The Top Questions Home Renovators Have About Terrazzo Slabs And Tile

Does your home renovation project include terrazzo slabs? If this type of flooring is potentially in your future, take a look at what you need to know about terrazzo tile.

What Is Terrazzo?

Before you make any choices, the first step is to fully understand what type of tile you want to buy. Terrazzo is a mixture of materials—primarily quartz, marble, granite, and sometimes glass. The mixture is held together by a cement binder, making it a strong, durable flooring option.

Is This Type of Tile Expensive?

Chances are you have a home improvement budget. Some types of tile or flooring can break the budget and add extra, often unnecessary, costs. If you want to lower costs, without sacrificing aesthetics, terrazzo tile is an alternative to seriously consider.

Unlike a pure marble or quartz floor, the terrazzo mixture offers the beauty of more expensive types of tile without the full price tag. The specific price of terrazzo varies. Discuss your options with a flooring contractor to make the most out of your building budget.

What Types of Tile Are Available?

The mixture of material adds visual versatility to this type of tile. Instead of just one "look," terrazzo cones in a variety of colors and designs. This allows you to create the floor of your dreams. Play with patterns, choose a designer hue, or opt for a mix that has more of one material and less of the others. A flooring expert can help you to select the tile that fits your home improvement project needs.

What Are the Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring?

Along with the ability to choose a color, design, and pattern that completely meets your décor needs, this type of tile comes with plenty of other benefits. Durability is one of the primary pluses many homeowners find after installation. The cement binder and allows this stone mix to stand up to heavy traffic, making it ideal for homes with children or pets.

Not only is this type of tile highly durable, but it's also water-resistant. This makes it ideal for moist or damp spaces, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Beyond the durability and water-resistance, a terrazzo slab supplier can also pour or locate a piece that fits almost any size needs. Forget about those tiny ceramic tiles—terrazzo is ideal for larger projects that require wide or long blocks of flooring.

Is terrazzo tile right for your next project? From the low cost and high number of color/pattern options to its durability and water-resistance, this type of flooring can meet almost any homeowner's renovation needs. Speak with a professional who provides terrazzo slabs to learn more. 

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