Using Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage

There are many flooring options and materials that you can use for your garage floors. Considering the amount of wear and strain that a garage floor will sustain, choosing a flooring option that balances the need for an attractive flooring solution that can still be durable. Epoxy flooring is one of the options that can be the most effective at balancing these contradictory needs.

What Makes Epoxy Flooring A Good Option For Garages?

Homeowners may not understand the full range of advantages that will make epoxy flooring a strong choice for their garage floors. Much of the strength of this flooring option stems from the fact that the epoxy resin will be able to create a protective layer that is impermeable to water and other substances. In addition to reducing the risk of the flooring suffering moisture damage, this will also help to protect it against staining that is caused by fluids that may leak out of the vehicle. Furthermore, the fact that epoxy resin can be applied to most flooring surfaces can make it easy for homeowners to upgrade their garages to have this type of flooring.

Will You Be Able To Apply Your Epoxy Floors Yourself?

It might seem like the process of applying epoxy flooring will only involve pouring the resin on the floor. However, there will be much more involved with this process. For example, this resin will have to be evenly distributed across the floor. Otherwise, the protection that it offers could be compromised as there may be areas where the epoxy resin is much thinner. Also, if the resin is not allowed to dry correctly, it can also compromise the results that you can expect. Luckily, a professional flooring contractor will have tools that may help the epoxy resin to dry more rapidly.

How Do You Clean Your Epoxy Floors?

Cleaning the garage floors is one of the household chores that people may want to skip. However, these floors can become extremely dirty, and this can lead to these substances being tracked into the house. Sadly, some of these substances can also degrade the epoxy flooring if they are allowed to remain in contact with it for long enough. Cleaning the epoxy flooring by periodically wiping it with a wet mop can remove most of these substances before this damage occurs. When cleaning the epoxy floors, microfiber or other soft cloths should be used to avoid scratching and scuffing the epoxy.

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