Costs To Consider When You're Working On A Budget For Your New Hardwood Flooring

If you're planning on having wood flooring installed, you're probably trying to pin down the expected cost. The flooring contractor will charge for materials, labor, and associated charges that might not be evident until work begins and problems are uncovered. Materials and labor are easy to figure since these are calculated by the square foot. Here are some other factors that might affect how much your new floor costs.

If The Subfloor Is Damaged

Your old floor usually needs to be removed before a wood floor is installed. Removing the old floor might be an additional cost if it isn't factored into the original estimate. One thing that may not be known until work starts is the condition of the subfloor. If the subfloor has water damage or has uneven areas, repairs must be done before the wood flooring is installed. If you have concerns about this, consider tearing up the old floor yourself so you can see the subfloor. You may even want the subfloor exposed when the hardwood flooring contractor gives you an estimate for the cost so the contractor can let you know if repair work needs to be done.

If The Contractor Has To Move Furniture Around

It's good to clear out the room the contractor will be working in before the crew arrives. This includes removing all furniture and accessories so the contractor has access to the floor and doesn't have to worry about breaking anything on the walls. However, if you're unable to move heavy furniture due to back problems or some other reason, the contractor can move it for you but will probably add a fee on your final bill for the extra work.

If You Install Trim And Baseboards Yourself

Installing hardwood flooring as a DIY project might be more than you can do, but you might want to take off the trim and baseboards and then put them back on once the wood floor is in place. This could potentially save money on the installation. You may want to talk to the flooring contractor to see how much money you could save by doing these jobs yourself. You may not save a lot, and it may be more work than you feel comfortable doing, but it might be worth looking into when you have a rigid budget.

When you're calculating the cost of your new floor, be sure to allow for these extra charges so you have plenty of room in your budget. If you need to cut back on your costs, the easiest way is to change the type of flooring and underlayment for the project. You can't do much about the labor costs or the cost of repairing a damaged subfloor, but you can choose a species and grade of wood you like but costs on the lower end of the scale. For more information, speak with a hardwood flooring contractor like one at JT Flooring LLC.

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