5 Hardwood Flooring Design Trends To Give Your Home A New Look With Conventional Alternatives

If you have been thinking about hardwood flooring to your home, one of the materials that you have probably read about over and over again is white oak flooring. Today, hardwood floors do not have to be the conventional white oak and other conventional hardwoods. There are also alternatives like softwood materials, bamboo, tropical lumber, and engineered floors that give you an entire range of alternatives for your new floors. The following trendy wood flooring design ideas will help give you attractive new hardwood floors with some of the best alternatives to conventional materials.

1. Reclaimed Lumber Materials and Using Them for Unique New Wood Floor Designs

One of the first alternatives that you may want to consider for the new hardwood floors that you have installed in your home is reclaimed lumber materials. The reclaimed lumber can give you a lot of advantages, such as old-growth lumber, wear for an antique look, or unique colors and tones that can only be achieved with aging wood.

2. Benefits of Using Pine and Other Softwood Materials for the New Wood Floors in Your Home

Wood flooring is usually installed with hardwood materials like white oak because of its durability, but there are also options to use softwood. Pine floors can be a great option if you want to do something like plank wood floors to give your new flooring a unique rustic style. These materials are softer and cheaper than conventional hardwood, as well as more comfortable to walk on because they absorb more of the impact when you walk on them. This can be good if you are looking for a natural wood solution, as well as comfort for the new wood floors you have installed in your home.

3. Tropical Wood Lumber Materials and Using Them for Durable and Attractive Wood Floors

Tropical lumber materials are another option that you may want to consider as an alternative to some of the conventional domestic hardwood options. There are many advantages to using tropical hardwood, such as having floors and decking for outdoor living space surfaces that match. There are a lot more options for colors of tropical hardwood materials, which can give your new wood floors a unique and attractive look.

4. The Benefits of Using Engineered Wood Flooring Products to Add Unique Wood Floors to Your Home

Sometimes, you may need to have a more comfortable and durable solution for your hardwood floors, which is what you get with engineered wood products. Engineered wood flooring products can also be easy to install, remove, and replace, which is good for a temporary flooring solution and floors that you can take with you if you move and want to keep your flooring. In addition, there are also a lot of different options for the finishes on the surface of your new engineered wood floors.

5. Bamboo and Other Wood Alternatives to Give Your Home Greener Wood Floors with Sustainable Resources

Today, there are also alternatives to hardwood that are not wood at all that can be used for wood floors. These materials include bamboo floors, which are made of grass materials that are sustainable resources that grow quickly and have less of an impact on the environment. In addition, there are synthetic products made of vinyl and other materials that look like wood but give you the advantage of them being more durable and water-resistant.

These are some of the alternatives that you will want to consider for trendy new wood flooring in your home. If you are ready to change the look of the floors in your home, contact a hardwood flooring contractor and talk to them about some of these alternatives to the conventional hardwood flooring materials.

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