Taking Care of Your Refinished Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an asset to any home. However, if your hardwood floor looks dull even after you've just cleaned it, you might need to have it refinished. During the hardwood refinishing process, the contractors sand down the top layer of wood to remove any marks. They then finish the wood with a new layer of sealant.

After you've had your hardwood floor refinished, maintain the returned beauty of your floors with the following steps.

Stay Off the Floor at First

How long you need to stay off your wood floor depends on the kind of refinishing product the contractors used. If possible, stay off the floors for a full 24 hours. If you can't stay out of your home for that long, you can enter a little sooner if you wear socks to walk around. You shouldn't walk on the newly refinished surface with shoes for at least 24 hours.

Use Furniture Pads or Coasters

The new finish might take up to seven days to cure. In that time, try to minimize how much furniture you have to lay out. When you do place your furniture back in your rooms, the Floor Critics recommend putting sliders or coasters under the legs. These pads will prevent the hard legs from scratching the wood floor surface when the furniture gets moved.

Lay Down Area Rugs

In the same vein, you want to protect your new floor finish as much as possible. Even if you ban shoes inside the house — a decree that's preferable to save your floor surface — dust and dirt will make its way into your home. Dust and dirt can create micro-scratches on the finish, so protect the high-traffic areas with area rugs.

Remove Dirt With a Dust Mop

For that same reason, you want to take care in how you clean your newly refinished floors. You don't want to use a stiff broom to sweep away dirt. Instead, use a dust mop. Look for one with microfiber padding. This softer tool will protect your hardwood surface from further scratches. You should sweep at least once a week, and more often if you have children or pets.

Clean with the Appropriate Cleansers

When you have your floors refinished, talk to the contractors about which cleansers to use. Typically, you only want to use cleansers that are approved for hardwood finishes. Avoid any cleansers that promise polish or shine because they'll only add another layer. When you do mop your floor, make sure the mop is damp, not dripping, to protect the wood from warping.

Protect the gleam of your beautiful new hardwood floor finish.

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