3 Assumptions To Avoid When Shopping For Flooring

Owning your very own house gives you the opportunity to completely transform the space according to your own lifestyle and personality. Flooring is one crucial element that is just as functional as it is decorative, which is why it really pays to be mindful of the details as you shop. Here are three assumptions you should avoid when shopping for flooring, and why. 

1. "People Will Take Their Shoes Off"

Oftentimes, people assume the best when they bring new elements into their home. However, if you have had a longstanding policy of letting people wear whatever they want through your home, and then you suddenly update the flooring and make the switch to a "shoes off" policy, you should expect some kickback. 

When you shop for flooring, try to choose floors that are durable enough to handle whatever comes their way, even if you do plan to enact sweeping household policy adjustments to protect the flooring. For instance, if you select an engineered hardwood that is made to stand up to drops and damage, it won't be an issue if a guest ignores your rule--and you can keep your floors in good shape. 

2. "There Are No Plans To Sell" 

Sometimes, people invest a lot of money into flooring because they have no plans to sell. You might be thinking about making your place your "forever home," and invest a lot of money into the flooring when you might otherwise select something a little cheaper. 

While it's always better to invest in a quality product, sit down with your partner or family to talk about how long you realistically will live in the house. If you won't be there for long, don't invest more than you need to. 

3. "Everyone Will Like This Crazy Color or Pattern" 

From woods with lots of striation to varieties that are laid in bold patterns, choosing a flooring that is made to stand out could be fun--or it could make everyone ask what you were thinking when you picked them out. 

If you are opting for a unique color, pattern, or texture, don't be afraid if people ask questions. On the other hand, if you like more subtle design choices and don't like a lot of interest, choose something more neutral. 

When you want to invest in new flooring, visit several showrooms to compare samples. Talk openly and honestly with flooring professionals about what you need to replace and what your budget is for the project, and ask them what to expect in terms of installation times. By being careful about decisions early on, you can ensure that you will end up with a floor you will love for years. 

To learn more information about floor sales, reach out to a professional near you.

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