The Vinyl Alternatives To Hardwood Flooring Where Water And Moisture Are Problems

Installing hardwood flooring in your home can be a great investment, but it may not be the best solution for some areas. There are areas with water and moisture problems that can benefit from wood flooring alternatives like LVP. These products are the best solutions if you want the look of hardwood in kitchens or a finished basement. The following vinyl alternatives can give you the look of hardwood flooring without the moisture problems:

Laminate Sheet Flooring

Rolls of laminate flooring are older materials that can still be an affordable option for your floors. Today, these sheet flooring products are made of vinyl and can be installed inside your home quickly. Benefits of using vinyl laminate sheet flooring include:

  • Waterproof moisture barrier
  • Longevity for longer-lasting flooring
  • Many choices of styles and colors of flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring can be a great solution if you are planning on adding new floors to your home. It is affordable and easy to install. If you want to have more premium flooring, consider LPV materials.

LPV Flooring Systems

The tongue-and-groove systems of engineered wood products are affordable and easy to install. These wood materials are extremely vulnerable to damage from the moisture in certain areas. Therefore, you may want to use an LPV flooring product instead. These materials are available in different styles, including:

  • Wide width planks
  • Affordable tropical styles
  • Lighter and brighter flooring styles

These laminated flooring systems are installed just like other engineered wood flooring that you have installed in your home. This makes them an ideal choice to add to your existing flooring with vinyl materials in areas where wood can't be used.

Laminated Vinyl Tiles

Another option to consider for your new floors is vinyl laminate flooring. These materials are different than the plank-style materials because they are tiles that have to be glued down. The tiles are available with many different options, including:

  • Laid-in flooring styles
  • Unique wood stain colors
  • Artistic tile shapes  

The different patterns that can be installed with vinyl tiles can give you more options for a custom design. It can also give you options to mix and match flooring materials. This can be good for projects like basement floors or custom boards around the edges of rooms.

These are some of the solutions that you will want to consider wood alternatives where water and moisture cause problems. For more information about LVP flooring, contact a local flooring professional.

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