Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation Can Be Done Various Ways

One of the nice benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring is that it is fairly easy to install. It's easy to cut with a utility knife or plank cutter, and that makes the flooring easy to work with. However, you may still prefer having a professional deal with your luxury vinyl plank installation to ensure your new floor looks beautiful and adheres to the subfloor properly. Here are four things to know about choosing your new floor and the luxury vinyl plank installation options.

1. Choose Your Installation Method

Talk to the flooring installer or dealer about the best way to install LVP flooring for your needs. You'll either need to buy flooring made to install the way you want or buy the flooring you like and then install it how it needs to be installed. You can't mix and match.

Each type of LVP flooring you buy has to be installed a certain way. For instance, you might want flooring that glues to the floor in your bathroom or flooring that clicks together for your bedroom. Planks that click together float above the old floor, and these are a good choice if you don't want to pull up the old flooring.

2. Choose Your Flooring

Choosing the type of flooring you want might be the most challenging thing about getting LVP floors installed. The planks come in different colors and looks because they mimic different species of wood and finishes. Some planks even look like stone. Planks come in different widths too, so it's important to know the look you want for your home since wide planks look different than narrower ones.

3. Prepare The Old Floor

Getting the old floor or subfloor ready for vinyl plank installation can be time-consuming if your old floor has uneven areas or other imperfections. The floor has to be dry with no water damage, smooth, and clean. The installer may need to make repairs to the floor so it's suitable for new luxury vinyl planks. In addition, the installer may need to remove doors, thresholds, old flooring, and the molding strips under the baseboards.

4. Install The Vinyl Planks

When the luxury vinyl plank installation begins, the installer checks on the installation type required. The options include peel-and-stick planks, planks that click together, flooring that needs to be glued down, loose lay, and fastening with a grip strip. Other than that, the same method is used for laying out the planks and trimming the end of each row so the planks have a staggered look on your floor. Check out a business like Floorco Flooring for more information.

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